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Do you want to effectively showcase your products, boost brand recognition, or drive conversions? Sometimes, words alone fall short. Join forces with Animate and More, the premier animation company, to craft engaging animated videos that simplify your narrative and resonate with your audience

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Comprehensive Animation Solutions

Whether you’re seeking to elucidate intricate details about products or services, educate customers or employees, or craft immersive animated videos, Animate and More is well-equipped to utilize the latest animation techniques and tools. Our commitment to delivering top-notch animation involves leveraging sophisticated software. This is complemented by a diverse range of animation styles, including Explainer Animation, Whiteboard Animation, 2D Animation, Architectural Animation, Product Demos, Animated Commercials, Startup Videos, B2B Videos, and SaaS Product Videos.

Animate and More stands as a comprehensive video animation company with an adaptable outsourcing framework that caters to various budgets, ensuring your business receives a result generating and engaging animated video perfectly tailored to your content requirements.

See What Video Production Services We Bring to the Table

Explainer Videos

Engaging Animated Stories for Building Brand Awareness

Whiteboard Animation

Captivate Audiences with Hand-Drawn Magic on a Digital Canvas

2D Animation

Transform Concepts into Engaging Stories with 2D Animation

Architectural Videos

Engage Your Audience with Stunning 3D Architectural Animations

Product Demos

Inspire Action with Concise Product Demonstrations through Animation

Animated Commercials

Drive Conversions in Just 60 Seconds with Our Animated Ads

Startup Videos

Make Your Mark on Social Media with Attention-Grabbing Animations

B2B Videos

Build Trust and Boost Sales with Our Business-Centric Video Solutions

SaaS Product Videos

Simplify Complex Products with Our Product Demo Videos

Why Animated Videos Matter - The Stats Don't Lie

Achieve an 86% Increase in Conversions with Explainer Videos on Landing Pages.

Boost Organic Engagement by 157% with Videos on Web Pages.

Empower Users with a 97% Better Understanding of Your Services through Animated Videos, According to Marketers.

Join the 95% Who Use Animated Videos to Grasp Customers Attention and Conversion.

Animated Videos: A Smart Choice for Your Business –
Here's Why

Enhanced Conversion Rates

Boost Conversion Rates by Guiding Potential Buyers with Engaging Animated Videos

Amplified Web Traffic

Simplify Complex Products and Double Onboarding Experience with Product Animated Videos.

Streamline Complex Ideas

Elevate Website Engagement: Simplify Complex Concepts with Engaging Videos

Strengthened Brand Identity

Connect Deeper with Your Audience through Storytelling: Showcase Your Brand's Vision and Personality with Motion Graphics

Stand Out Amidst Competition

Rise Above Competitors: Make Your Product Irresistible with Engaging Animated Videos

Versatile Content for Multiple Platforms

Maximize Impact: Repurpose Engaging Videos Across Diverse Social Media Channels

Animation Service Process

These steps provide a structured overview of the animation service process, guiding potential clients through the journey from initial discovery to the delivery of their finalized animated content.

What Makes Animate and More Your Top Choice for
Animated Videos?

With our animation services, we refine your brand's message and drive tangible business advantages. Here's why you should choose us as your partner.

Extensive Brand Research:

We invest time in understanding your brand's message and services, ensuring our animated videos align perfectly with your needs

Efficient Turnaround:

We follow a well-defined animated video production workflow to guarantee efficient planning and execution

Client-Centric Approach:

Our video planning process begins by comprehending your requirements and expectations, while also infusing our creative ideas


Our focus is on crafting animated videos that deliver measurable conversions and tangible results

Top 10 trends

of animation in 2024

Explainer Videos

2D Animation

Startup Videos





Client Success Stories

Let's Brew Up Some Ideas Together!

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Ans: No, each project has its own requirements but a basic animation such as explainer video starts at $600
Ans: Not a problem, our content writers help you draft a compelling script that works wonders.
Ans: Yes, our team is equipped to work remotely with over 80% of our clients have never visited our offices and are comfortable working remotely with us.
Ans: It’s simple, a service cannot be physically seen, it has to be experienced and the best way to do it is through curated explainer videos that take the customer through a journey of using your service with ease before even buying it.
Ans: A flat blue print is all you need and your wishes, we make it come true through real like renders that attract the buyers.
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